Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The-Box



Today, there are still 550 million people living in extreme poverty in sub-Sahara Africa. Of this number, 180 million are the breadwinners for the other 370 million people (children & the elderly). There are no employers for these adult breadwinners/parents, as most have not received a basic education. But some have created their own micro businesses and others cultivate tiny plots of land to grow food for their families and to sell. The average capital each breadwinner has invested in his/her business or farm is approximately $150. Because their operating capitals are so low, they are not earning enough profits to get their families out of poverty. At ICAfrica, we know that by assisting these breadwinners with as little as $100 in grants or microloans, they are quickly able to double their economic outputs and move their families out of extreme poverty.


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The New Thinking

Leveraging the capacities of the Breadwinners

The new thinking that ICAfrica would like all supporter of Africa poverty reduction to know about, involves empowering the 180 million breadwinners with micro-loans or grants, so that they can expand their ventures, earn more and pull their 370 million dependents out of poverty. ICAfrica has already proven conclusively, that $50 or $100 to $300 of additional funds advanced to these enterprising breadwinners, very quickly solves the problem and gets them out of extreme poverty.

ICAfrica is inviting other NGOs to share in this new thinking!

Download page at this: Consider this new way of doing development!

ICAfrica – A summary of our Goal

We are working to help eliminate extreme poverty in Africa by assisting those poorest families, in small towns and villages, who are already making efforts at improving their economic circumstances through micro-business and farming.