Newsletter to America

A Challenge for a better world!

If each American household supports ONE impoverished African family with just $100 this year, we could move 550 million extremely poor people out of poverty!

The Facts:

• Today 180 million families or 550 million people (children, adults, elderly and the sick) are living in extreme poverty, on less than $1 a day, per person!

• There are no jobs, so most of the family breadwinners created their own tiny businesses and run small farms with tiny operating budgets of less than $150 each. From this, they earn tiny incomes of between $3 to $5 daily, hardly enough to feed a family of five in their region.

• These hardworking breadwinners could earn more if they had a little bit more capital.

• We can change this by helping raise money for them in America.

• Let us share this information on TV and Social-Media and with our neighbors and give people in America, an opportunity to do GOOD by donating to support economic growth of impoverished African breadwinners.

• We already know that with additional $100 in operating capital, the breadwinners are able to sustantially increase their incomes to between $6 and $9 a day, an increase of over 80%. This then brings the per-capita income of every child and adult, above the region’s poverty line.

This year, let us challenge every family in America to raise $100 for ONE impoverished family in Africa.

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