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2016: World Leaders & Poverty Reduction.

Leaders have rallied in a remarkable way over the last 12 months and have taken the required concrete steps on the CLIMATE agenda. This is a beautiful thing to see. It makes a lot of sense as it is extremely important for the future of our world. We congratulate all the leaders that have just signed the climate change agreement in New York. As we push this initiative along, let these same set of World Leaders also remember their country’s unfulfilled pledge since year 2000: “to take 15 years and work towards reducing the number people living in Extreme Poverty (those living on less than $1.25 a day)”. It is now 2016 and the number of Africans still trapped below the poverty line stands at 550 million.

If leaders could even commit to rescuing just 10% of the poorest families in the world over the next 5 years, that would be a great start. The momentum will carry forward and support other struggling families to work their way out of poverty. The reason world development planners failed Africa in particular, is because they are not listening to what grassroots Africans want and how they should be applying development assistance towards rapidly reducing extreme poverty in the region. ICAfrica believes that the solution is very simple: Directly empower, with micro-finance, the already self-employed, struggling but still very poor breadwinners, so that they can be placed on the path of economic growth. This is the fastest, most economical and most sustainable way to cut extreme poverty by half within a few years.

Here is how to Quickly Reduce Poverty in Africa

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