(End Extreme Poverty Africa)

We are seeking the partnership and support of Africans in the Diaspora, governments, development agencies and friends of Africa across the world, to rally behind us as we launch a new path that we believe, would lead to a rapid end of extreme poverty in Africa. We have known and heard, for years, that many people are very poor. Today, the United Nation reports that 70% of Africans are still living in poverty. We will keep hearing this type of news for generations to come unless we individually commit to taking actions, today. Actions that will help solve this problem. Small actions from several people towards one direction, usually produces large results. ICAfrica, has made a commitment to lead the charge and bring all efforts together towards solving this problem within 10 years (2015 – 2025).

Our plan involves leveraging the capacities of those Africans who are already self-employed in micro-business or agriculture and are already putting in a good effort to make a living but are not able to escape extreme poverty with their families, due to lack of adequate micro-business or small farm capital. Most people who have traveled in Africa have seen the thousands of men and women that hustle everyday on road-sides in towns and villages, trying to earn minimum living incomes. They are not idle or lazy. They can`t find regular employment so they created their own micro-businesses and small farms, with the most capital they could find. They are the “Working Extreme Poor (WEP)”. Sub-Sahara Africa has about 180 million of such impoverished entrepreneurs and most of them are the breadwinners, supporting about 370 million “Zero Income People (ZIPs)” (children, aged parents and the sick). In other words, 180 million hardworking but still very poor parents are struggling to earn tiny incomes with which to feed 370 million children and the elderly. These parents definitely need some start-up assistance in order to earn a little more for their families.

What we want to do is to empower these self-employed Working Extreme Poor people with micro-loans and business coaching so as to leverage their economic productive potentials. As an example, a woman retailer on a street in Umuahia Nigeria, received a $50 micro-loan last year and within 2 days, expanded her inventory and her daily profit jumped from $5 to $9 a day. For her family of 5, they are no longer extremely poor but just living above the poverty line. She now has a better chance of growing her business further, buying nutritious food for her family, supporting her children’s education, contributing to her community’s water project, participating more actively in social events and living a more fulfilled and a happier life. These self-employed people would require various amounts, ranging from $50 or $100 to $500, depending on their types of ventures, to grow their income generating activities. ICAfrica’s role is to find the sources of funds and other tools required and to deliver the resources to poor families appropriately in the most cost effective method.

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Our Work

ICAfrica’s area of focus is Poverty Alleviation. We work directly with impoverished micro entrepreneurs and small farmers to grow their existing income generating activities. We offer them micro-loans , skills-training and hands-on project management . Our primary goal is to move as many people as possible, in a cost effective way, to above the UN’s $1.25 /day poverty line. Our projects are designed to encourage growth in individual and group productivity, help set in motion, the catalysts for local economic stimulation that results in socially conscious, friendly and peaceful communities. ICAfrica is envisioning districts, where most inhabitants earn enough to be comfortable and contribute positively in local governance and in the furtherance of the economic and social development of their villages, towns and country. Currently, we have pilot projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

Your Support
We need the support of everyone, every government and every development agency across the globe, to help in this effort. Let’s join hands in Partnership to fight EXTREME POVERTY once and for all. You can choose to support any particular community in any country in Africa. All donations in Canada are Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax deductible.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Write to:

ICAfrica is a Canadian registered Charity No: 874091242, with a mandate to work towards poverty reduction in Africa. Our head office is in Ottawa, Canada.