Loan Seekers

There are 100 million Sarahs in Africa

Sarah, makes $4 a day, selling vegetables

Micro-Loan Seekers

On a roadside in Onitsha, Nigeria, Sarah sells her vegetables for 8 hours and goes home with a $4 profit with which she feeds and pays expenses for her family of 2 children and 3 adults. If she had an extra $50 in business capital, she could also buy and sell fish, cassava, fruits and earn $8 at the end of each day. There are 100 million Sarahs who are breadwinners for over 300 million children, elderly and the sick in Africa today. ICAfrica is working to find the small capitals required by each Sarah to get her family out of poverty. We are appealing to friends of Africa and Africans in the diaspora to donate towards these women. Every town and village has a Sarah! You can start with the village you know. We are already on the ground.


Women seeking assistance to grow their small businesses