About Us

ICAfrica is a registered Canadian charity whose mission is to work towards reducing poverty by improving the incomes  of poor self-employed families. We do this  through helping them with funding and coaching to become more productive in their income generating activities, mostly in micro-businesses and small farms. We assist principally poor women and other breadwinners to develop and expand their self-employment activities and begin to earn more. We have seen from our field experience that, within a short period of time, the recipient families become financially self-sufficient. With continued support from donors, ICAfrica will continue to pursue our vision of encouraging individuals in the poor regions of Africa, to leverage their talents and capacities , maximize their economic growth potentials, begin to earn more and move their families and  their communities out of extreme poverty.

Eugene Nzeribe, Executive Director


Our mission is to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty in Africa, by financing and coaching the enterprising poor to work their way out of poverty, as quickly as possible.


Working in collaboration with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Africa and encouraging all donors to make funds available to programs that directly empower, leverage and increase the productive capacities of the poor, especially those who are already operating their self-employed micro-enterprises and farms, to grow their ventures, earn better incomes and move their children & other family members out of poverty. We see this as the most rapid and most cost effective way to fight extreme poverty in the region.

Bottom Up Approach!

ICAfrica understands the complexities of poverty in this region where over 65% of the population or 550 million people (in 2017) still live on less than $1.90 a day. We know that dropping large sums of money on large “visibility” projects, as the leading international development community has been doing for over 50 years, has not solved this major world problem. Today, over $US25 Billion a year (or more than $US250 Billion in the past 10 years), is being and had been budgeted by the richest donor countries as Overseas Development assistance (ODA), to fight extreme poverty in Africa. In addition to the billions of dollars spent so far, many UN and other high level iterations of poverty strategy plans have come and gone with little or no substantial dent in reducing the number of poor people in Africa. ICAfrica believes that the amount of money already being budgeted for Africa development, is by far much higher than what is needed to get all poor Africans living above the poverty line. ICAfrica knows that working from the bottom-up and assisting with seed-money, those poor entrepreneur and farm families who are already struggling daily to earn a living, is the best way to apply these funds that are already being spent by large NGOs on inefficient projects in Africa. Through Bottom Up Approach, it would take less than 7 years and about half the amount being spent now to solve the problem.

ICAfrica has a great capacity to apply small amounts of money over programs that rescue the largest number of people from poverty, per dollar spent.