ICAfrica is improving the lives of Africans

Good morning. I am Liza Butcher, a volunteer at ICAfrica, and today I am I going to talk to you about the current situation in Africa and how ICAfrica is improving the lives of Africans and their families.

Here are some statistics, according to 2011 stats, despite over 50 years of international aid, 49 per cent of people in sub-Saharan Africa are still living on less than a dollar a day.

In 2011 the average unemployment is at 70% and with 200 million able-bodied adults jobless or underemployed.

Now the big question. What can we do about it? If I was going to open my wallet and give you 10 dollars, you are going to think that is a pretty good deal right? Ten dollars could be your next meal.

But what if instead of just giving you money, I told you I could provide you with the skills and the knowledge necessary to earn 10 dollars each and every time you step foot in this room. Makes a lot more sense right? Once you are able to earn your own income, you can now purchase food with it, put it towards housing, or even invest it and generate more wealth and that is the general idea behind ICAfrica.

Here is a question for you. Have you evere had an idea for a business, product of service they wanted to start????

So what is the first thing you are going to need to start?

Money, exactly. Investors.


That is the big problem in Africa. There is very little investment and ability to loans. We take this for granted here in Canada. Having access to capital allows you to have access to all your other human rights.

Founded in 2007, and based out of Ottawa. ICAfrica is a non-profit Canadian registered charitable organization with a mandate to initiate economic development activities, resulting in poverty reduction in Africa through assistance in micro enterprise development, business coaching and micro-loan support for impoverished entrepreneurs. ICAfrica is currently working to assist local entrepreneurs and farmers to grow and create jobs for the 60 per cent of adults who are currently unemployed in several countries.

Traditional aid gives supplies, like food and medical to a large amount of people, but it gets consumed and you end up with poverty.

This is how ICAfrica works, in this concept the lender gives to ICAfrica, the lenders money reaches the borrower, most likely a woman and a mother with a family via Field Partners, then loan is repayed and hopefully the lender will continue to lend.

If you give a human an income and a chance to participate in society, they are able to grow this income and support the entire community, creating exponential wealth.

We know that the micro-enterprising woman are always looking for how to stretch their trading capitals to yield more daily profits that goes first, to feed their children, their families and lastly the woman. This is why it is not a hard decision for ICAfrica to give a micro-loan of $50 to a woman micro-entrepreneur because she “carries the load”, has the strength and the ability to stretch the dollar profits around the children, family food, health, housing, education, social and community development.

ICAfrica has the opportunity the effect the most change with the resources they have and for that reason I have continued to be passionate about ICAfrica.


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