Eliminating African Poverty in 5 years

Today, there are 550 million people in the 49 countries of sub-Sahara Africa who are still living below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. This number can be reduced by half, in the next 24 months, if the UN body responsible for the Second Millennium Development Goals, through all their partner agencies working in Africa, take a simple and cost effective action that directly empowers the 180 million family breadwinners, within this 550 million people, to expand their economic productive capacities, earn more income and by themselves, lift their 370 million children and elderly family members out of poverty. This is using the energy of the people to fight their battles, leveraging the available ODA resources several time over, to achieve better results, faster.


“Immediately empower local NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in communities around sub-Sahara, to identify one million “qualified” impoverished micro-business entrepreneurs in their respective communities and advance strictly, business micro-loans of about $300 to each entrepreneur”.

“Qualified” impoverished entrepreneur are micro-business operators who are making daily incomes that are not large enough to bring each of their immediate family members above the poverty line. That means their daily incomes are less than $1.90 x (# of people in their family). In a family of four, for example, the impoverished entrepreneur is earning less than $7.60 a day. Apparently, most of the entrepreneurs that qualify are women and if money was readily available, several millions of them are ready today to absorb this type of investment.

For the one million micro-entrepreneurs selected for the first phase of this program, the immediate result would be that most of them would put their $300 soft loans towards growing their tiny businesses to earn more daily profits which would bring their families above the poverty line within 3 to 6 months. This program could be rolled out within 3 months and will rapidly move 4 million children and adults, above the poverty line immediately and permanently. Cost, $300 million. (or $75 to bring each person above poverty line). This intervention could be repeated concurrently in several regions of sub-Sahara every quarter, with freshly qualified groups of entrepreneurs in batches of 1 to 3 million participants. Through this plan, we could completely eliminate extreme poverty in sub-Sahara in about 5 years.

For details of this plan, please contact: eugene_nzeribe@icafrica.com

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