African Voices On Development

Seeking Rapid solution for Africa’s poverty
by Eugene Nzeribe, Sept 24, 2016

Welcome to African Voices On Development which brings together, bloggers from all corners of Africa and in the Diaspora, to report credible local information on the current state of economic and social development in their immediate communities and or the continent of Africa in general and or to suggest practical ways to bring about a rapid solution for Africa’s poverty. Today, politics plays a big role in keeping many Africans poor but this blog will look beyond that and find a way to empower the masses to become the “drivers of their faith”.

“Poverty is not an accident. Like Slavery and Apartheid, it is Man-Made and can be removed by the actions of human-beings.” Mandela.
“Addressing inequality is a necessity for both economic growth and reducing poverty”. -Christine Lagarde.


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