ICAfrica is improving the lives of Africans

Good morning. I am Liza Butcher, a volunteer at ICAfrica, and today I am I going to talk to you about the current situation in Africa and how ICAfrica is improving the lives of Africans and their families. Here are some statistics, according to 2011 stats, despite over 50 years of international aid, 49 per […]

Volunteers Make the Difference

Back in 2010, ICAfrica was lucky enough to have a group of Algonquin College’s first year public relations students help us out. With hard work like theirs we were about to spread the word, raise money and change the lives of people in Africa. If you would like to participate in exciting opportunities such as […]

Enterprise Assistance for Jobs Creation Program

Rich country donors must switch to a new and effective enterprise (micro or small business) support model in order to solve Africa’s poverty issues within the next 10 year. ICAfrica’s Enterprise Assistance for Jobs Creation Program could be the template. Below is a video of ICAfrica founder Eugene Nzeribe discussing this issue.

Well invested ODA would rapidly cut poverty in Africa

ICAfrica has a mandate to try to reduce the number of people living below the poverty line in Africa by empowering the poorest entrepreneurs, mostly women, with micro-loans to help them grow their businesses and bring their families out of extreme poverty ICAfrica is a registered Canadian NGO and a Social Entrepreneur which arose out […]

African Diaspora sending over $40B to Africa yearly!

African Diaspora remittances better than foreign aid by Adams Bodomo THE African Diaspora has grown to become such an important source of foreign exchange for Africa to the extent that the African Union (AU) has designated it as a sixth development “zone” (Rita Edozie: The Sixthe Zone: The African Diaspora and the African Union’s Global […]

Eliminating African Poverty in 5 years

Today, there are 550 million people in the 49 countries of sub-Sahara Africa who are still living below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. This number can be reduced by half, in the next 24 months, if the UN body responsible for the Second Millennium Development Goals, through all their partner agencies working in […]

How much will it cost to wipe out poverty in Africa?

We already know that of the 550 million extremely poor people living on less than $1.25 a day, 180 million are self-employed in some form of micro-businesses or agriculture but earning very little (Working-Extreme Poor- WEPs). The other 370 million are children, old adults and sick people (Zero Income People – ZIPs). We know that […]

African Voices On Development

Seeking Rapid solution for Africa’s poverty by Eugene Nzeribe, Sept 24, 2016 Welcome to African Voices On Development which brings together, bloggers from all corners of Africa and in the Diaspora, to report credible local information on the current state of economic and social development in their immediate communities and or the continent of Africa […]