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Helping Canadian and American businesses, so that together, we can help African & Caribbean entrepreneurs.

Business owners, get access to motivated customers and/or clients that are trying to help their favorite causes, while getting the products and services that they want.

The Spend To Help program has many benefits for your business.  We have listed a few below.

  • At our expense, we will create advertising and marketing campaigns for your business.
  • Only pay for directly referred and completed transaction.
  • There are no upfront or ongoing fees.
  • Pay any amount that you want for referred transactions.
  • Stop at anytime.
  • Simple system, with no equipment requirements.
  • All payments are tax deductible as an advertising expense.

Payments from businesses are for advertising/marketing services provided.  Participation can be stopped at anytime with 30 days advance written and acknowledged notice.


BECOME A VOLUNTEER with financial benefits.

ICAfrica is Canadian charitable
organization focused on working to reduce
extreme poverty throughout Africa.


Past Projects

Our primary work is to assist the poorest breadwinners in Africa with business coaching and micro funding to grow their micro enterprises, earn more and move their families out of extreme poverty. So far, we have assisted 1658 families in 5 countries, comprising 8590 children, adults, the elderly and the sick; and spent just an average of $59 to bring each person above poverty line. There is a huge need as lots of people are seeking assistance that will enable them to stand on their own but we are short of funds. In the past few years, we have raised $510,000 from the Canadian public and spent 95% of that in directly supporting these families.

Amuta Community Microloan program for women
She increased her inventory with a mere $100 microloan and within 6 months, moved her family above poverty line.

Community Farm, Western Kenya
For less than $3000, this piece of land was bought with a grant from a Canadian donor to allow over fifty poorest members of the community to cultivate food for their families and for income generation.

Bumala village Micro-entrepreneur Group No 5
Group of family breadwinners now empowered with a $1000 revolving micro loan from ICAfrica. This has enabled all 12 members to, within 3 to 6 months, increased their incomes, transferred their loans to new recipients and consequently moved their families above the poverty line.

Community Poverty Alleviation - Bumala Village Poultry project
This project was started for the community through a grant from Canadian donors. It has allowed several poor families to own micro-poultry income generating activities in their backyards and also providing nutritious chicken and eggs for family meals.

Mike's business in now thriving. Thanks to a $100 microloan
He is a father of 2 kids, a very bright and skilled carpenter but worked in a cramped space and could not earn enough income to support his family of four. After receiving $100 microloan from ICAfrica, Mike rented a temporary shed, built a suitable workshop bench, bought two used tools, and through our skills coaching, secured a contract to supply school desks.

Angela's food business is now thriving after receiving $100 funding.
We know that she could use more funding to quickly secure a better eatery but for now, she and her family are on the path to slowly work their way up and away from extreme poverty.

Future Projects

To support poor communities in Africa and the Caribbean.

These women breadwinners are seeking modern farming equipment.
Not only having a community tractor, to do the heavy lifting, they are also seeking a non-perishable food storage facility to prevent their harvests from damaging from the sun before reaching the market. ICAfrica would like to provide this village of 2000 people with cost-recoverable labour-saving farm implements, irrigation and harvest preservation facilities.

We need funds to offer women like these, grants & Microloans
These breadwinners, throughout Africa and the Caribbean, are not idle. They wish so badly, to work and earn better living for their families but due to low industrialization, weak economic growth and high unemployment in their communities, this has not been possible. So each family had to find a way to earn an income to survive. With the smallest capital, they are buying and retailing goods for profit. Because their operations are very small, they also make very tiny profits ... not enough to get out of poverty. With microloan from ICAfrica, they are able to expand what they are doing and begin to earn more profit.

Sarah is a micro-business entrepreneur seeking micro-funding.
On a roadside in Onitsha, Nigeria, Sarah sells her vegetables for 8 hours and goes home with a $4 profit with which she feeds and pays expenses for her family of 2 children and 3 adults. If she had an extra $100 in her business capital, she could also buy and sell fish, cassava, fruits and earn $8 at the end of each day. All over Africa and in the Caribbean, there are millions of Sarahs who are breadwinners for over 300 million children, elderly and the sick today.  Your support would assist these women to earn more and get their families out of poverty.

Community Poverty Alleviation - Planned for Amucha village.
This 5 hectare piece of land has been provided by this impoverished community of 100,000 people with no tangible economic activity. Even though there is a large nearby city less than 30 km away, most of the people are living in extreme poverty. ICAfrica is currently raising funds with which to create economic generation activities to benefit the entire community but more so the poorest members

We seeking funding to support this & several other women entrepreneur groups in several countries.
These women from a village 15 miles north Kaduna Nigeria, trekked for hours to reach the local Government headquarters only to be told that government has no fund to support their aspirations to create cottage industries through which to get their families out of extreme poverty. ICAfrica believes in the potential of these women breadwinners and is now raising funds to empower them and many others like them in other African countries and the Caribbean.

Our support for village Community Based Organizations (CBOs), ensures development work is carried out efficiently in the field.
ICAfrica has found that engaging and training capable local community people in Africa and in the Caribbean, to take on the responsibility of managing the economic and social development projects within their villages, is considerably more efficient, less expensive, results in stronger local stewardship, ownership, project sustainability and overall successful development outcomes. As a result, we are seeking funding to expand Community-Based Organization in all our impoverished communities.

In 2017, 70% of African & Caribbean youths are unemployed.
This is not good for future of these communities. ICAfrica is seeking funding to enable the creation of multiple economic generation ventures that will empower entrepreneurs, generate economic opportunities, create jobs for young people, reduce extreme poverty and boost the economic productivity of African and the Caribbean nations.